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190+ Garden Tools Names: Gardening Tools for Every Gardener

Having the right garden tools names for the task makes all the difference when it comes to gardening efficiently and effectively. From essential hand tools like trowels and pruners to power tools like lawnmowers and leaf blowers – having a fully-stocked arsenal of gardening equipment helps ensure your backyard paradise thrives season after season.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the myriad of garden tools names and types available for both amateur and seasoned green thumbs alike. Getting familiar with these gardening tools names will help you determine what’s most useful for your gardening needs and style.

Basic Hand Tools

  • Trowel – Scoops soil and makes planting holes
  • Transplanter – Moves seedlings with minimal root disturbance
  • Cultivator – Loosens soil and removes weeds
  • Hoe – Scratches the soil to uproot weeds
  • Rake – Levels soil and collects fallen leaves/debris
  • Leaf skimmer – Collects floating debris from the pond surface
  • Hori Hori knife – All-purpose gardening knife for digging and cutting
  • Secateurs – Cuts stems and small branches
  • Loppers – Cuts thicker branches
  • Pruners – Cuts away dead or excessive growth
  • Tree saw – Cuts down small trees and shrubs
  • Spade – Sharp-edged tool for digging and edging
  • Shovel – Scoops and moves soil, mulch and gravel
  • Garden fork – Loosens and lifts soil
  • Bulb planter – Makes perfectly sized holes for bulbs
  • Dibber – Makes indents in soil for seed planting
  • Hand fork – Loosen soil around plant roots
  • Hand tiller – Churns and mixes soil
  • Hose – Transports water around the garden
  • Nozzle – Focuses water flow
  • Water wand – Directs water to specific areas
  • Sprinkler – Distributes water over a wide area
  • Watering can – Precision watering for pots and beds
  • Dustpan and brush – Cleans up garden debris
  • Knee pads – Protects knees during groundwork

Digging Tools

  • Round shovel – Scoops loose soil
  • Spade – Cuts sharp soil edges
  • Square shovel – Carries loads of soil/mulch
  • Trenching shovel Cuts narrow trenches
  • Backhoe – Digs deep trenches
  • Post hole digger – Makes holes for fence posts
  • Pick axe – Breaks up compacted soil
  • Mattock – Chops into tough soil
  • Pry bar – Leverages rocks and roots
  • Bed edger – Makes clean edges in beds
  • Half moon edger – Defines curved bed edges
  • Lawn edger – Makes crisp lawn perimeter
  • Turf cutter – Cuts neat strips of grass
  • Dibber – Makes seed-planting indents
  • Bulb planter – Plants bulbs and seedlings
  • Hand trowel – Scoops soil when planting
  • Soil scoop – Transfers soil between beds
  • Garden riddle – Sifts and grades soil
  • Soil rake – Smoothes and levels soil
  • Cultivator – Aerates and loosens soil
  • Garden fork – Lifts and turns soil
  • Spading fork – Loosens soil without turning
  • Digging fork – Loosen compacted soil
  • Pitchfork – Lifts and tosses material

Cutting and Pruning Tools

  • Pruning shears – Cut stems and smaller branches
  • Loppers – Cut thicker branches
  • Hedge shears – Trims formal hedges
  • Grass shears – Cuts lawn edges
  • Pruning saw – Cuts branches too large for loppers
  • Folding pruning saw – Compact saw for thicker stems
  • Bonsai scissors – Shapes delicate bonsai trees
  • Secateurs – Cuts stems and small branches
  • Floral scissors – Cuts fresh flowers
  • Snips – Makes detailed cuts on soft growth
  • Budding knife – Makes the T-cuts for budding
  • Grafting knife – Cuts and shapes graft unions
  • Trimming scissors – Neatens planted containers
  • Herb snips – Harvest herbs without crushing
  • Botanical knife – Collects plant samples
  • Bonsai concave cutters – Shapes thick bonsai branches
  • Hori Hori knife – Multi-purpose gardener knife
  • Billhook – Cuts back brambles and shrubs
  • Sickle – Cuts long grass and cereal crops
  • Clearing saw – Cuts back trees and scrub
  • Lawn mower – Cuts grass at regular heights
  • Strimmer – Trims grass edges
  • Hedge trimmer – Shapes box and private hedging
  • Chainsaw – Fells trees and cuts logs

Watering Tools

Gardening Tools Names

  • Watering can – Precision watering pots/beds
  • Hose – Transports water around the garden
  • Hose reel – Stores lengthens of hose
  • Trigger nozzle – Controls hose water flow
  • Mist nozzle – Gently waters seedlings
  • Fan nozzle – Covers a wider area
  • Sprinkler – Distributes water over large zones
  • Oscillating sprinkler – Sweeping water coverage
  • Impact sprinkler – Rotating sprinkler pattern
  • Drip irrigation – Slow watering overnight
  • Micro sprinkler – Gentle low-pressure coverage
  • Dripline – Directs water to plant roots
  • Bubbler – Floods water into a basin
  • Soaker hose – Oozes water across beds
  • Weeping hose – Waters the entire length when pressured
  • Overhead irrigation – Suspended misting nozzles
  • Rain wand – Directs water flow with a trigger
  • Water breaker – Attaches to a hose to gently diffuse flow
  • Hose splitter – Connects two hoses to one tap
  • Hose mender – Fixes leaks in hoses
  • Tap timer – Sets scheduled watering durations
  • Rain sensor – Stops watering when wet

Soil and Plant Care Tools Names

  • Soil thermometer – Checks soil warmth for planting
  • pH meter – Tests soil acidity levels
  • Moisture probe – Monitors soil water content
  • Trowel – Transplants and pots up seedlings
  • Hand fork – Loosens roots when transplanting
  • Bulb planter – Makes perfectly sized holes
  • Dibber – Makes sowing indents in soil
  • Rake – Covers scattered seed by smoothing soil
  • Seed spreader – Distributes seed evenly
  • Propagators – Creates mini-greenhouse for cuttings
  • Plant labels – Identifies plants by name
  • Plant markers – Shows where seedlings are sown
  • Watering gauge – Measures irrigation runtimes
  • Soil blocker – Makes seedling cubes from soil
  • Soil riddle – Separates soil clumps
  • Soil sieve – Filters out stones and debris
  • Lawn aerator – Punches holes to alleviate compaction
  • Top dresser – Applies a surface layer of compost
  • Lawn de-thatcher – Rakes out dead grass thatch

Planting Accessories Names

  • Seed trays – Nurtures seeds into seedlings
  • Plant pots – House seedlings until planting out
  • Seed packets – Contain seeds ready for sowing
  • Plant labels – Identifies plant name and variety
  • Bamboo canes – Support upright plants
  • Garden twine – Ties in climbing plants
  • Garden wire – Secures plants more firmly
  • Cable ties – Fasten stems to supports
  • Greenhouse staging – Benching to stand pots on
  • Cold frames – Protects outdoor plants
  • Cloches – Shield plants from wind/frost
  • Fleece – Creates warmer microclimate
  • Propagator lids – Retains heat and moisture
  • Netting – Creates physical barriers
  • Bird scarers – Deters birds from food crops
  • Weed mat – Stops light-reaching weeds
  • Mulch mat – Suppresses weeds around plants
  • Grafting tape – Secures graft unions
  • Rubber bands – Holder grafted stems in place

Lawn Care Tools Names

  • Lawn mower – Cuts grass blades evenly
  • Cylinder mower – Precise stripes for ornamental lawns
  • Rotary mower – Quicker cutting of longer grass
  • Ride-on mower – Fast cutting of large lawns
  • Hover mower – Glides across undulating lawns
  • Robotic mower – Automated
  • Strimming line – Flexible nylon cord for trimmers
  • Strimmer head – Holds rotating lines
  • Strimmer – Trims inaccessible grass edges
  • Brush cutter – Cuts back heavy vegetation
  • Lawn scarifier – Thins lawn thatch coating
  • Lawn aerator – Punches holes to relieve compaction
  • Moss rake – Removes mossy lawn patches
  • Turf comb – Stand-up vertical lawn dethatched
  • Lawn roller – Levers indentations and flattens
  • Top dresser – Applies a nutritious compost coating
  • Overseeder – Distributes grass seed evenly
  • Weed fork – Removes lawn weeds by roots
  • Edging shears – Makes crisp edges to lawns
  • Half moon edger – Cuts neat curves
  • Lawn edger – Trims along path/border lines

Gardening Safety and Comfort Tools

Garden Tools Name

  • Gloves – Protects hands from dirt/scrapes/thorns
  • Elbow pads – Cushions joints during groundwork
  • Kneeling pads – Supports knees on hard ground
  • Seat pad – Portable padded gardening stool
  • Shade hat – Protects head from sunburn
  • Sun cream – Prevents skin exposure damage
  • Safety goggles – Shields eyes from flying debris
  • Dust mask – Filters airborne particles

Gardening Technology and Gadget Names

  • Soil sensor – Monitors moisture and nutrient levels
  • Sun sensor – Records light and UV conditions
  • Temperature & humidity sensor – Tracks growing conditions
  • Weather station – Collects wide-ranging climate data
  • Wi-fi bridge/hub – Enables sensor connectivity
  • Solar shed light – Illuminates potting area
  • Greenhouse heater – Maintains warmth
  • propagators – Nurtures cuttings/seedlings
  • Smart water timer – Automates irrigation
  • Tap timer – Sets scheduled durations
  • Automated blinds – Manages greenhouse lighting
  • Garden camera – Live view and alerts
  • Robotic lawnmower – Automates grass-cutting

Storage and Maintenance

The final but equally important gardening tools names category relates to storage and maintenance equipment that keeps everything protected and in peak condition throughout its lifespan.

  • Tool storage rack – Organizes tools when not in use
  • Toolbox – Portable enclosed case for frequent use tools
  • Garden kneeler – Provides padded kneeling comfort and flip-over seat with storage space for hand tools
  • Wheelbarrow – Transports heavier loads like soil, compost, tools, etc around the garden
  • Hose cart – Lightweight wheeled unit for storing and moving hoses
  • Hose reel – Encases and protects lengthy hoses when not being used
  • Tool sharpener – Restores a fine cutting edge to blades
  • Cleaning brush – Removes soil and debris after use to prevent rust
  • Oil spray – Lubricates hardworking parts
  • Maintenance kit – Cloths, cleaners and lubricants

The maintenance aspect ties back to the importance of looking after your gardening tool’s names for longevity…


Caring for your gardening tools names properly ensures they remain effective and durable for many seasons of digging, pruning, mowing, and growing to come.

With such an expansive array of gardening tools names spanning essential hand tools through to high-tech gadgets – every gardener can find useful aids to support their needs whether they are green-fingered pros or amateur hobbyists pottering with patio planters.

Trying out new gardening tools names is half the fun and helps make light work of what would otherwise be laborious garden tasks. With this comprehensive reference list of gardening tools names and types to refer back to – you can look forward to experimenting with an ever-growing toolkit tailored to enabling your gardening vision to become reality with greater ease than ever before!

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